More Babies, Co-Sleeping with Triplets and So Much More…Our first Q & A!

We have been wanting to do a Q & A video for some time now and we finally made it happen!

A Q & A, is a great way to get to know us more and for us to share our thoughts, insights and experiences in a different way. We created a Q & A post over on our Facebook page and hoped to get some fun questions we could answer. The questioned asked were great and just what we hoped for!

We answered quite a few of them, but know we will have to do another Q & A, very soon to answer all the remaining ones and any new ones that come up!

Dan and I always love to share our lives, experiences and thoughts on many different topics relating to our lifestyle, kids, parenting and hobbies or interests. The two of us are just two regular people who are making our way through everyday life with 4 kids, including a three-year old toddler and almost 2-year-old triplets. Nothing is ever perfect and we know we are not perfect either, but we have a great outlook on life and the life we live with our kids. We are genuinely happy people who love to smile and have fun and we want to share some of that happiness with everyone around us!

Thank you for all of the great questions asked the first time around! We are looking forward to the next one! In the meantime, if you have any questions always feel free to send us a message on any of our social media platforms and we try our best to get to them and answer them for you!!

Here is our first Q & A!


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Our first family science experiment!

We took advantage of a nice cold day to conduct our first ever Baby Gang science experiment!

With 4 young children who take up just about every minute of our time, we are a family who loves fun and adventure. What makes that special is doing it together, as a family. That is what family is all about.

Watching the kids grow has both Corrie and myself in such amazement to see how a developing mind works. Their curious little minds like little sponges absorbing all types of information makes me wonder how they see the world around them and what they are thinking about!

Recently on a cold day we took advantage to come up with a fun science experiment with the kids. It was -12 degrees Celsius (not including the windchill) and we wondered if water could evaporate in this freezing cold water. It had the kids super excited!

Makes for a great parenting win!  Watch below 🙂

Be on the look out for more fun with the kids!







Corrie and I went out to the grocery with the kids and we found ourselves in a little bit of a dilemma. It happens often actually, but as we got home the kids fell asleep in the car. Normally we leave them be, and can be a great way to catch up on some e-mails, social media, watch a movie or even hit the drive-thru and get a meal! To think you could do all that with 4 kids and not even have to leave your vehicle is a great hack itself! But sometimes you have somethings to do, and often enough you need to let your baby nap! Or else, it’s continued chaos for the rest of the day with cranky children. When you have multiples, you need to take advantage of every chance you get in letting your kids nap ESPECIALLY AT THE SAME TIME! 

Inspired by a friend through a fun conversation about our children. The idea to remove your child while still in the car seat came to me as a genius idea!

Watch me perform the ULTIMATE DAD HACK! 

Click the link below to watch such greatness!

No weakness here. 


The Last Week of Summer (Kinda)

Photo 2016-08-27, 5 00 40 PM

Well this is the last week of SUMMER!

I can’t believe summer is almost over and we are in the final week. That means one week left to cram as much of summer in as possible and do all the things you have yet to do this summer. One week left to be care free, stay up late, go to the park, play outside, go to the beach, eat ice cream and BBQ. I know I am already trying to plan out this next week and see what I can do with Emily and the triplets to make me feel like our summer is complete. I feel like there is still so much I wanted to do this summer and now I am scrambling to get it all done in the last week.

Photo 2016-08-21, 11 01 51 AM

I don’t know what it is about school starting that makes it feel like summer is over. It’s not like I have kids who are starting school or going back to school. Realistically we could just continue as though it is sill summer, but for some reason it’s just not the same. The weather is still nice, we can still go to the beach, go for walks, eat ice cream and BBQ, but it just doesn’t feel the same when that the school year starts. Maybe it’s because everything that was open for the summer months is now closed or only open on the weekends, kids aren’t running around at the parks or malls anymore and everyone’s holidays have ended, whatever it may be, it definitely doesn’t feel like summer once school starts.

We still have one week left of “official summer” and I plan on making the most of it! I did want to go to the Toronto Zoo today, but we didn’t plan ahead and now it is too late in the day to go, but luckily it is open all year-long and even on weekdays, so there is still lots of time to go. I wanted to take everyone to a big splash pad, maybe even two this week because I do think they close when school starts. I am hoping the ice cream truck comes by (that one is for me). I want to go to the park and have a picnic with Emily and the triplets, which I think is an easy and realistic idea for this week. I really wanted to go to Niagara Falls this summer and I am shocked we never went, so maybe I can fit that into my week as well. Lastly, I want Emily and the triplets to just have fun playing outside. I am going to set up their water table for them to play with, because they really enjoyed it the other day and then have them just run around outside.

Photo 2016-08-20, 2 29 42 PMPhoto 2016-07-31, 3 58 27 PM (1)

This week is just all about enjoying the last bit of summer and enjoying the feelings that summer brings. Soon it will be cold, there will be snow and I will be counting down days until next summer. It wont be as easy to get everyone out the door, there will be more pants, sweaters and coats to bring along and the process of leaving the house will take much longer. I just love the summer and everything that comes along with summer and I am sad to know it’s almost over.


Is there anything that you are going to try to do this last week of summer before it’s over?

Did you get to do everything you wanted to and planned to do during the summer?



5 Ways to Hide Veggies in your Child’s Food

There is a good chance that every parent may experience their child’s dislike for vegetables and the challenges of getting them to eat their vegetables. You may have tried bribing them, letting them watch you eat the veggies while saying how good they are or dipping them in any kind of sauce you can find and yet they still wont touch them. I have had a few experiences with Emily and the triplets, with Emily being the most difficult now that she can tell me how much she doesn’t like them. There will be days where she will eat broccoli raw or cooked and then the next day she will spit it out or throw it at me if I dare put it on her plate. It becomes a challenge and I then worry I’m not feeding them properly if they aren’t eating their veggies.

From the moment Emily, Jackson, Olivia and Levi tried food I was determined to feed them all of the vegetables in the world. The first food other than baby cereal that they tried was vegetables and they all seemed to like them. They would eat vegetables twice a day and since that’s what I was giving them that’s what they would eat. As they get older their tastes change, but I still want to make sure they are eating enough vegetables. I had to be creative and think of ways to make them eat their veggies, even if they didn’t know they were eating them!

I wanted to share 5 ways that I have hidden veggies into their food:

  1. Smoothies
    I love to make smoothies and they are so simple to throw together. You can also add whatever you like into one and even hide the veggies your kids don’t want to eat. When you have smoothies with lots of fruit, such as bananas, strawberries or blueberries you can throw in veggies like spinach or broccoli and the sweet taste from the fruit should mask the flavor of the veggies. I made a fruit smoothie with spinach for Emily and she drank every last drop!
  2. Scrambled Eggs
    We go through a dozen eggs when we make breakfast for all 6 of us and the go to way to cook our eggs are scrambled. Scrambled eggs are perfect for adding in vegetables because they mixed in with the eggs so well. I know you can still see the pieces of vegetables when they are done, but if you cut them small enough, they blend right into the bite of egg. I have added in spinach, green peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, broccoli and cauliflower to our scrambled eggs and every time Emily and the triplets eat them up!
  3. Meatloaf
    I mentioned meatloaf in the last post about freezer meals and here it is again! I made meatloaf in muffin tins for Emily and secretly added a ton of veggies. I cooked up broccoli, carrots, spinach and cauliflower by roasted them in the oven and once they were cooled, I chopped them up into the smallest pieces and mixed them right into the ground beef. The pieces were so small you only saw small specs of veggies throughout the meatloaf, but with a little bit of ketchup on top you would never know they were in there.
  4. Tomato Sauce
    One day I made a huge tray of roasted vegetables and included red and green peppers, broccoli, zucchini, mushrooms, onions, cauliflower and carrots and I thought Emily would eat them as a side on her plate with the pasta. Well I thought wrong and she wouldn’t touch them, so I took the veggies and tomato sauce and threw them all into the blender. I blended everything up and now I had roasted vegetable tomato sauce. I mixed that with the noodles and Emily ate 3 bowls after! This is a perfect way to hide veggies and a great way to enhance the taste of the store-bought sauces.
  5. Fruit and Vegetable Blend
    This one is more for the baby just beginning to eat new foods and vegetables. Jackson and Levi would eat anything, but Olivia was a little more picky. I would make sweet potatoes, or mixed veggies and blend them up and the boys would devour them, where as Olivia would turn her head and pucker her lips to avoid eating any of it. I knew she liked fruit, so I tried to think of different fruit and vegetables that worked together. I would mix the sweet potato with blackberries or blueberries, carrots with apples and broccoli with strawberries and she would eat them no problem. Just like with the smoothies, the sweet fruit covers the taste of the vegetables. I did find that if I mixed anything with blueberries the taste of the vegetables was always covered up and they did seem to like eating the purple stuff compared to the green or orange stuff.

There are so many other fun and creative ways to hide vegetables into your children’s meals. I am always ready to try new ways and if it means they will eat their vegetables then I am a happy mom!

P.S. I realized after that peppers are a fruit, but it is one of those foods some kids may be picky with so they work in this case =D


What are some of the ways you get your children to eat their vegetables?


The Unknown Changes During and After Pregnancy

There is no doubt that your body will undergo dramatic changes both during and after pregnancy and some of them will come at you like a flash of lighting, while others will gradually make their presence. Some of those changes will be minor and others will be extreme. There are the common and unavoidable changes that everyone experiences and there are the strange, unpredictable and unique changes only you will experience. Whatever the case may be, every woman who ventures down the path toward child bearing will encounter a variety of changes to her body. Here are a few of mine that I had the pleasure of experiencing through both my singleton pregnancy and triplet pregnancy.

A heightened sense of smell  was present in both pregnancies, along with an uncontrollable urge to smell the strangest and maybe a the little unsafest of things. I could smell anything near or far and some were great while others made me nauseous. With Emily I couldn’t stand the smell of BBQ chicken or salmon and both are two of my favourite foods. With the triplets I couldn’t stand the smell of ranch dressing or sweet potatoes . When it came to the smells I loved, the urge I had to smell chemical cleaners especially bleach, lemon dish soap and both laundry detergent and fabric softener was on another level. I loved to wash the dishes just to smell a sink full of warm soapy water and at work I loved the smell of the floor cleaner when the porter came by to wash it. I loved the smell of fabric softener and after the laundry was done I would always grab a towel and bury my face in it! I knew smelling the chemicals was unsafe so I didn’t actually smell them directly, I only just the smell of them through the air. It was the strangest thing, but as soon as Emily and the triplets were born, I never thought of those smells again.

Next, I was obsessed with having a bath. I wanted to have one every day and just fill the tub with copious amounts of bubble bath. A bath would help me relax and give me a chance to put my feet up at the end of the day to help reduce some of the swelling I had throughout both pregnancies. As I got bigger it became harder and harder to fit in the tub comfortably, especially when pregnant with triplets, but I didn’t let it stop me! Once again, as with the strange smells, as soon as Emily and the triplets were born, I never thought of having a bath again. Maybe the fact that I had no free time played a little part in taking the thought of a bath out of my head, but that’s just a thought 😉

Now the swelling. The swelling was so bad. It was so unbearable sometimes and made the task of walking around or standing all day very difficult. With Emily the swelling started around 4 months and the triplets around 5 months. This was a change to my body that came on gradually at first and then full force towards the end. My legs were the worst and I pretty much had no ankles for the duration of my pregnancies. I really wish I took a picture of my legs and feet at the end of my pregnancy with the triplets, it would have been a crazy sight. I never knew your hands and feet could gain weight or swell as bad as they did for me and Dan thinks I have loose skin on my feet now from the swelling. My fingers and toes were little sausages and I couldn’t wear any rings on either hand for so long. Thankfully all the swelling has disappeared and I no longer have a horrible case of sausage fingers, sausage toes and cankles.

Another big change I noticed was with my hair. While pregnant my hair started to grow faster, it became thicker and so luscious. I did not expect this change from pregnancy, but it was very welcomed one. Little did I know that after the babies were born, all that new found healthy hair would begin to fall out. Every time I had a shower or brushed my hair, it would fall out in big clumps, it was so sad. On top of that I began to notice really short strands of hair all over. The main areas being all around my face from ear to ear and the sides on the top of my head. The hair is about 1 to 2 inches long and is just a pain to deal with. I cannot do anything with it. It’s so short it won’t reach to a ponytail, it cannot be straightened and it makes my hair so puffy. I really don’t know what to do about it, other than wait patiently for them to all grow out and catch up to the rest of my hair.

The last change I noticed was how emotional I became. This is one change I think all women experience at some point during their pregnancy and even after too. I felt like I would cry over anything, especially anything involving children or animals. It could be a happy commercial, a sad news article or even a song on the radio, they would just make me so emotional and I would cry. I remember listening to the radio on the way to work and I would cry when a specific song came on. I would think about my life and somehow relate back to the song and just cry. This wasn’t really a bad change, but I found my self crying a lot for no reason. I guess it doesn’t hurt to have a good cry every once in a while.

All of these changes I experienced took some time to get use to and I noticed them in both pregnancies. Growing a little baby takes a lot of work and your body goes through a lot to make it happen. With increased hormone levels and the amount of energy you use, it is no wonder so many changes happen. There is so much information out there about all the possible changes you could experience, it is enough to scare anyone away from the idea of being pregnant yet women still continue to have children. In the end all the changes are totally worth it and to most they are only temporary. After having 4 babies, being pregnant with 1 and then triplets and going through the changes I had during pregnancy, I would still have more babies and the idea of being pregnant again is just as exciting as it was the first time around.


If you could tell someone one change that you experienced that you did not expect what would it be?

If you had multiple pregnancies did you experience the same changes for both or were they completely different?

Leave your comments below!



Finding Out We had TRIPLETS!

Dan and I always knew we wanted to have a big family, but never in our wildest dreams did we think it would happen this fast!

After we had Emily, our plan was to try for one more, that way we would have two babies close in age, then after a few years we would try for a third. Little did we know that along with our second would come our third and fourth!

I found out I was pregnant for the second time in October 2014. Emily was 10 month and when I figured out my approximate due date, there would be roughly 18 months between Emily and the new baby. With my doctor away on holidays, I wasn’t able to see her right away and it was even longer before I had an ultrasound. On December 10th, 2014 I finally had my appointment for a dating ultrasound. It was just supposed to be a basic ultrasound to determine how far along I was and to make sure everything was good with the baby. Dan was working that day, so I went to the appointment myself.

I sat in the waiting room for a few minutes and when it was time, I laid down on the bed and the nurse told me to relax and close my eyes. As I laid there I heard the nurse say “oh,” so immediately I opened my eyes wondering what she meant. I was so nervous from that moment and I was under the impression that they don’t say anything until the ultrasound is complete. The nurse told me to close my eyes again and just relax. After she finished the ultrasound she asked if I had received any fertility when I got pregnant. I replied “no” and she said “well, there is a little surprise!” I was a little confused and not sure what to think, but I remember my one thought was TWINS! The nurse showed me the monitor and while pointing at the screen said “I saw one baby, then the second and then looking around some more, I saw the third down here.” I was in complete shock when she said there were 3 babies. I am pretty sure my jaw dropped to the floor and I took a huge gasp. I think I laughed nervously and remember saying I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I also couldn’t believe that I had to find this out by myself!

After I realized what was going on, the nurse told me that all 3 babies were measuring the correct size for how far along I was, which was 12 1/2 weeks. She told me that it appears one baby is by themselves and the other two have a thin layer between them. She wasn’t entirely sure how to classify them, but said my doctor would be able to tell me. The nurse handed me the ultrasound pictures and told me that was the most she had ever printed out. The two receptionists were so excited and very happy for me!

I left the office and went to my car and just sat there, still kinda laughing and thinking over and over to myself, what the heck just happened! I knew I had to tell Dan right away and it had to be in person, so I drove straight to his work. When I got there I asked if we could go to his office to look at the ultrasound. I pulled out the pictures and laid them on the table. Dan looked at the pictures and I pointed out A, B and C. He then said “wow, that is one active baby, look at all of the movements.” I pointed again and said “no, that’s A, B and C, as in three different babies.” Dan looked at me as if I was joking and said “no way!” Once the news really sank in, Dan was still in disbelief and said “I can’t believe this, how did this happen! This is so exciting, but scary, what are we going to do!” I said “I don’t know either and I can’t believe we are having TRIPLETS!”

After telling Dan, I went to my mom’s house to tell everyone the exciting news too! I walked in and said “guess what!” My mom, two sister and brother came over and I said look at my ultrasound. Right away my mom said “you are having twins?” I responded with a “no…I’m having triplets!” They were so shocked and couldn’t believe it. My mom even said the night before she had a dream where I found out I was having twins, she was pretty close!

Dan called all of his family after too and when he told them, no one believed him. Dan and his brothers always love to joke around and try to make things up, which is one of the reasons no one believed him. After telling them a few more times and assuring them he wasn’t joking this time they finally believed him. They were all so excited and in shock as well!

When we found out we were having triplets, it was only a few days before Emily’s 1st birthday party. We thought it was the perfect time to let all of our friends and the rest of our families know. While everyone was sitting we told them the news and everyone looked shocked. Luckily we had an ultrasound to prove that there were indeed 3 babies and we were having triplets!

Finding out we were having triplets will forever be some of the most exciting, nervous, thrilling and any other word you can think of, news we will receive in our lives! I will never forget the moment, sitting there and having the nurse tell me there were three babies. I can still replay the moment in my head and every now and then when I do think about it I get chills and feel my stomach drop, just like it did that day!


The first ultrasound I received. A is Olivia, B+C are Jackson and Levi.





We are Going on VACATION! (part 2)

We will be driving to Florida, so the next thing to think about before we head out, is how we are going to pack up the van and fit everything in. This will be our second road trip with Emily, but our first one with Jackson, Olivia and Levi. In 2014, when Emily was only 6 months, we took a road trip to Texas to visit my dad, stepmom and little sister, Alexa. It was so much fun driving down and Emily did extremely well for the long car ride. We did the drive down over 3 days, stopping for 2 nights along the way, as well as frequent stops during the day. It will be very interesting to see how the drive will be this time, with 3 little ones just under 1 year and Emily who will almost be 2 1/2. It should be a lot of fun and very exciting!

I am trying to create a list of everything that we will need for Dan and I, Emily and Jackson, Olivia and Levi. After I create a list for each of us, I know I am going to have to go back and really think about whether we need it or not. You would think with a van there would be tons of room to fit everything, but with 2 adults and 4 kids all in car seats, there is little space for everything else.

I am trying to think of the biggest thing we will be bringing, which I think include the portable high chairs, the play pen and the seats for the stroller since the triplets will be out of the stage one car seats. I know they won’t fit in the trunk, so I have been looking for a storage unit to put on the roof of the van. Luckily we added on a roof rack when we bought the van to help with extra storage. I have been looking into various roof top storage units and there are so many out there to chose from. They are also really expensive! We can’t afford to spend $300-$700 on a hard box storage unit, so I am thinking the best bet would be to go for a bag style unit. I have come across a couple that I think would be good, but I want to make sure I am getting the right one and for the best deal. I also want to make sure if we go with a bag storage unit, that it is waterproof. It would be the worst thing to store something up there, only to have it soaking wet from rain when we go to take it out.

If any of you currently use a rooftop storage unit or have in the past, we would gladly take any advice on what to buy and what the best brand to buy is! We have a Dodge Grand Caravan with a roof rack if that helps too!

Once we have the extra storage, it will make things a lot easier and will give us an exact idea of the space we have available to pack everything in. I think we will have to do a couple trial runs of packing up the van before we leave, so we aren’t spending 2 hours figuring out where everything is going that morning. I guess in the end if we can’t fit everything Dan will just have to compromise and only bring a small backpack for all of his things because I will be the first to admit, I don’t know how to pack light! 😉

Now I will just continue writing my lists and hope that I can think of everything before we leave!

We are going on VACATION! (part 1)

The Baby Gang is packing up and we are heading to Florida for our first family vacation as a family of 6! I am so excited and I thought it would be fun to share our experience of the whole trip. I wanted to start now and share some of the things we need to do before we go. There is going to be a lot to plan for and pack before we can actually leave and by sharing a lot of that with you, I think it will help me to keep on top of planning and organizing everything. This will also be a good way to make memories and save them for Emily, Jackson, Olivia and Levi to look back on.

A big part of what I have always looked forward to with having a family are the family vacations! We have always gone on vacations when I was growing up, and those are some of the best times and greatest memories I have. We took most of our vacations to Florida and we always had so much fun. Disney’s Magic Kingdom is one of my favorite places to visit and although we didn’t go every time we were in Florida, I still remember and love everything about it! I think I am the most excited to take Emily and the triplets there and to start creating memories for them. They may not be able to remember their first visit, but I will always have that memory of their initial reaction to seeing everything going on and experiencing their first time on a ride!

There are already so many items on our to-do list and I’m sure I will be adding a lot more, but the first thing we needed to do was make sure everyone had their passports. Dan and Emily had everything set with theirs, but the triplets needed theirs and mine expired last year. We went to Shopper’s Drug Mart for our pictures. With their hours open until midnight, even to get passport pictures taken, it was perfect for us, since our only time to go was 8 pm. When I took Emily to get her picture taken she was not even 2 months old and it was a lot of work to get her to look the right way. I was so surprised when the triplets cooperated and we were able to get a good picture in 2 tries! In total we spent about an hour at the store.

The next morning we got up and ready in hopes of leaving at 8 am to make it the passport office for 8:30 to avoid long lines. We finally left the house at 9 am, made it to the office and luckily there was no wait and we were in and out within half hour. When I got Emily’s passport I was told that if we are driving we don’t actually need a passport for a baby, but if there was ever an emergency and for some reason we needed to fly home, Emily wouldn’t be able to fly with us. To be on the safe side, I wanted to make sure I had passports for everyone!

We received the passports in the mail 8 days later and now that we have them we are on to the next thing to plan for!

For a little bit of cuteness today, here are the pictures of the babies and didn’t make the cut for their passport pictures! =D





We Can Finally Sleep Again!!!

It has been a rough month of sleeping, but I think the rough patch is finally over!

At the beginning of February, Emily, the triplets and myself had the unpleasant experience of having the stomach flu. Emily was the first to get it on the Friday and then that Sunday the triplets and myself got it. It was my first experience of us all being sick at the same time, and of course it had to happen on my birthday!

Luckily for Emily it only lasted a day, but for the triplets it really threw off their schedule and habits. Before this they had excellent sleeping habits and would only wake up once throughout the night. They would go to sleep between 10-11 pm and wake up between 7-8 am, with one feeding usually between 4-5 am. They were eating cereal twice a day and loved eating their veggies. After the stomach flu they wouldn’t touch their cereal or veggies and were up constantly throughout the night.

Over the last 4 weeks we were lucky to get an hour or two of sleep straight. The triplets had been waking up multiple times throughout the night and at all different times. Olivia would wake up at 1, I would feed her, then she would go back to sleep. 2 o’clock would come around and then Jackson would wake up, I would feed him, put him back to bed and less than an hour later Levi would wake up. After finally putting Levi back to bed, it would be 3:30 and Olivia would be up again and the whole process of feeding and putting back to sleep began again. It was like this almost every night and some nights they would be so tired they would just cry and nothing we did seemed to calm them.

We came up with so many different reasons as to why they did not want to sleep and tried many different solutions. I know the fact that they weren’t eating their cereal played a part in them waking up to eat, but that is best saved for another post all together. We thought, maybe they were gassy or constipated, so we tried gripe water and giving them an ounce or two of just water, but that didn’t seem to help. At the beginning of all this, they were still sleeping in our room. Olivia was in the bassinet and the boys shared a crib together. We thought, maybe they were getting too crowded and would be better in their own space. So we set up the third crib, moved all 3 into one room and hoped this would help. It didn’t!

We tried bringing them into the bed with us and cuddling them, it seemed to help a little, but it would take a while to actually settle them down and they still wouldn’t sleep for more than 2 hours. We even tried bringing them downstairs and placing them in the swings, hoping the constant motion would keep them asleep. That only lasted a couple of hours.

The lack of sleep Dan and I got, definitely took its tool on us and our relationship. It was hard for Dan because he would get up to help me, but still needed to go to work all day and be able to function. For myself, it was hard because Emily would be up all day, the triplets would be up during the day and all 4 would still need to eat and be taken care of. With both of us being so tired, we would become irritated with each other over little things and it would result in us fighting. We would both try our best to not let the lack of sleep get to us, but it was hard.

I felt bad at times and felt like I wasn’t being a great mom. I let the lack of sleep affect me and during times when the triplets were crying, I would think of the pointless reasons Dan and I were in an argument and it would frustrate me even more. As a result, times when I would be calm and have no problem handling things, I felt I lacked patience and the ability to be calm to help the babies calm down. I think when you are stressed your baby can sense it, causing them to become stressed as well, which is exactly what was happening.

Dan and I almost went a whole week not talking to each other, which made me realize how hard it is when we don’t work together. At the end of it all, we didn’t even realize what we were arguing about. We also realized even more how important communication between us is. We were both feeling the same way and let the lack of sleep get to us and had we talked about it the moment we felt it was, we could have saved all the trouble of fighting. In the end we stopped to think about everything, had an entire day to talk things through and work things out and were able to come to the conclusion that working together is the best thing.

For the last 5 nights Olivia, Jackson and Levi have slept through the night! They have gone to bed by 9:30pm, have woken up between 5-6 am, have gone back to sleep and got up for the day between 8 – 8:30 am. It has been the best feeling to sleep for 4 or 5 hours straight and it truly makes the biggest difference in how you function during the day.

I don’t know the exact reason as to why they have gone back to sleeping through the night, but I can only hope that it lasts for a long time. Maybe they were going through a growth spurt, maybe they were not feeling 100% from the stomach flu, or maybe they were just uncomfortable. The only real difference that we did do, was to put them in outside onesies. We did this for Emily and we found she slept right through the night and also because I was too scared to use blankets in her crib when she was sleeping in a different room. I think that it gives them a sense of comfort and closeness and it also keeps them warmer than a blanket would. For us this has worked for the last 4 nights and we have both seen an improvement in our mood and it has been so nice to sleep through the night!


Have you experienced sleepless nights with your little ones? At what age did they finally sleep through the night?

Do you have any tips or tricks that you found worked the best to help your little ones sleep through the night?

Are you still experiencing sleepless nights and if so what are the challenges and problems you have become of this?